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How to Unlock Sim Card without PUK Code? | Free Secret Code

Secret code to unblock a Sim card

Unlock Sim Card without PUK Code or Unblock a Sim Card using secret codes with our professional guide for any mobile phone.

If you’re searching how to unlock sim card without PUK code, then don’t worry now!!! There are several hidden codes and ‘easy’ methods that will unlock any sim card without using a PUK code. This article has compiled an exciting guide to help you unblock a sim card using secret codes. Go through all methods stated below carefully.

Do remember while applying following methods, you may lose your data like contacts, videos, media, photos, etc. We are not responsible for your lost data. warning

How to Unlock Sim Card without PUK Code !

Many users, for privacy reasons, sets a PIN code on their mobile Sim card. But what if you forgot your Sim or PUK code? You have only 3 chances to enter the Sim PIN code correctly else your Sim card will get locked. What to do if you forgot or don’t even know the PUK code of your Sim card! Now don’t worry; in this article, we will show you how to unlock Sim card without PUK Code.
If you forgot your PIN or PUK code and locked your Sim card, you need to follow these 3 simple steps as mentioned below, and you can unblock a Sim card without PUK code again. You can also change your PIN code according to your desire. Sim card network employees usually use this method to unblock a locked Sim card.

Unblock a Sim Card with Secret Code:


There is no need to install any application to unblock a Sim card. It is a trick commonly used by Mobile shop keepers, and they charge you for this secret method to unblock a Sim card. Now no need to pay a single penny for this job. Just follow our steps and unlock a Sim card without PUK code.

  1. Pick up your Mobile and insert your Sim card into it.
  2. Switch your Cell phone ON for 2 to 3 minutes.
  3. Now switch your phone off and remove your Sim card from it. Do this step for 2 times.
  4. Now again, insert your Sim card and just after switching on your mobile, type this Secret code *22233421#
  5. That’s it; it will remove your previous PIN code or PUK code. Now add the new PIN code of your choice and enjoy your Sim networks again.

Where can I find PUK Code for Sim Card?

It’s impossible to unblock a Sim card if you don’t have your PUK code. However, there are other ways in which you can get it. 

  1. One of the ways is by calling customer service. You need to give them some personal information like (name, address), and they will provide you your PUK code for the sim card. 
  2. Another way to get your PUK code is on your phone carrier’s website if you have an account on it. You just need to log in on the website, and you will find your Sim card PUK code in your profile.

Always keep the information PIN or PUK Code of your Sim card safely stored. It can always help you to unblock your Sim card if, unfortunately, you lock your phone. It is always good to have security measures to safeguard personal information. However, in the case of your Sim card, you will need to have in hand both PIN and PUK code.

We hope you like our trick of how to unlock Sim card without PUK and PIN code. Do share it with your friends and family. For more tips and tricks, do check out our other articles here.


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