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How to Calibrate iPhone Screen Sensitivity and Brightness

Fix to calibrate iphone touch screen issue

Easy fix on how to calibrate iPhone screen using our professional guide for calibrate iPhone touch screen mobile phone.

If you’re searching how to calibrate iPhone screen, then don’t worry now!!! There are several ways and ‘easy’ methods that will allow you to easily troubleshoot the problem and calibrate iPhone touch screen. This article has compiled an exciting guide to help you for iphone screen calibration.

Troubleshooting Guide on How to calibrate iPhone screen ?

How to calibrate iPhone screen? While there isn’t a way to measure the capacitive touchscreen of an iPhone, there is a way to adjust the motion sensor and the brightness of the iphone screen if you encounter any issues.
If you want to calibrate iphone touch screen? Follow these simple steps to calibrate iphone touch screen properly:

1. How To Calibrate iPhone Motion Sensors

The motion sensors on your iPhone can be affected due to the proximity to a magnet or due to environmental conditions. When this occurs, the iPhone issues a message to users to use the iPhone’s Compass application to reset all motion sensors, including magnetometer, gyro, and accelerometer.

  • On your iPhone screen, tap on the Compass app
  • Follow the instructions given on the iphone screen to tilt the phone while rolling the red ball until the compass appears
  • The motions sensors are calibrated when the compass appears on the iphone screen


2. How to Adjust or Calibrate iPhone Screen Brightness?

If you want to calibrate iphone touch screen brightness then it can be adjusted through the Settings app found on the home screen.

  • Start by pressing settings tab and then go to Display & Brightness option on your iphone
  • Move the brightness slider to the left or right until you are satisfied by the brightness level on your iphone.

calibrate iPhone touch screen

iPhone users can select the auto-brightness option in the Display & Brightness tab. This allows the ambient light sensor installed on your iphone to adjust the brightness depending on the surroundings. If you decide to disable Auto-Brightness, then the brightness of your iphone screen is the same regardless of the changes in your surroundings.


3. How to Calibrate or Adjust iPhone Screen Sensitivity?

how to calibrate iphone screen

As stated above, iPhone does not have the capability of calibrating screen on iPhone. If you’re having problems with your iphone’s display, you can try these ways to fix the problem.

  • Glass accumulates grease easily which can affect the iphone screen’s performance.
  • You can clean the screen along with the phone with a soft cloth.
  • Take it to the Apple store where a iphone technician can look into the matter.

It is also possible to perform a iphone hard reset by pressing the Home and Sleep buttons together for 10 seconds, selecting the “Reset” and then the ” Reset All Settings” option. This method, however, isn’t recommended as it will erase all data on your phone.

We hope you like our troubleshooting guide on how to calibrate iphone screen. Do share it with your friends and family. For more Apple tips and tricks, do check out our other articles here.


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